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V3 of the DEX is now live!

V3 brings non-custodial swaps, swap expiration, adjustable ETH & MATIC values, advanced accounting, and more.

NFT Trading Decentralized

Trade singular or custom baskets of fungible and non-fungible tokens on Ethereum and Polygon — 100% on-chain.

psymockup2.png is powered by
NFT Protocol -
the premiere decentralized
NFT trading protocol.

Why use is the zero-intervention platform for safely trading all digital asset types.


Multi-Asset Baskets

Trade any quantity and combination of supported asset types: ETH/MATIC, ERC 20s, ERC 721s and ERC 1155s.


Decentralized Escrow

Assets are transferred on-chain to NFT Protocol upon swap creation and can only be released back to the swap creator or to a counterparty who's met the swap's conditions for execution. User signatures are never gathered nor stored.

CensoredX - medium.png

Censorship Resistant

If it's on Ethereum or Polygon it can be traded on


The Future of NFT Trading is Multi-Asset and 100% On-Chain.

Unlock liquidity for otherwise illiquid assets via multi-asset barter on the most secure NFT trading platform.




$NFT Token

$NFT is NFT Protocol's governance and utility token used to calculate protocol fees, reward users & participate in governance.

Community - Diverse.png


The $NFT token holder community governs development direction, treasury deployment and fee distribution.



Originally developed by Blockparty, will grow to be managed by The NFT Foundation comprised of appointed token holders.

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